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What has five

different roles

(wife, mother, professional counselor, speaker, and writer), two sleep modes (asleep and wishing for sleep), seven children, an energy supply that somehow manages to spark every morning, and longs to help those searching or hurting? Why, that would be Jami Kirkbride!

Packed full of colorful examples, practical tools, and a relatable style, Jami’s presentations will spur any listener toward growth and change. You will walk away from her presentations with a renewed sense
of hope, clarity, and the desire to make the most of every opportunity.

Are you looking for a rejuvenated approach to parenting? Would you like to make the most of your relationship with your child? Jami offers Parenting With Personality seminars. Whether it’s building a better marriage, improving work relations, or refocusing your parenting plan, Jami’s experience and training can help you to:

Gain a fresh and healthy perspective
on individual differences

Develop communication that is positive
and purposeful

Build relationships that are fulfilling and

She will help you feel refreshed, equipped, and eager to parent in ways you never thought of before. Her practical tools will make an amazing difference in how you relate with your child.

you make
the most
of every opportunity