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you make
the most
of every opportunity
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Learning first-hand about the sunshine after the rain
has changed Jami’s life. Now she hopes to encourage and inspire others as they navigate through challenging, traumatic, or dark times in their life.

As a survivor of domestic violence, miscarriage, and other personal losses, Jami has endured days dark with depression and defeat. Yet through it all, she purposed to make the most of every opportunity. “The good days can serve as a reprieve, yet it’s still important to push ourselves to grow. During the challenging and difficult days, we need to dig deeper and find the strength to endure and learn.” This is Jami’s message to those she teaches, trains, counsels, and encourages.

Jami is a licensed professional counselor, certified personality trainer, speaker, and contributing author to numerous books, including The You Zoo, Pearl Girls, The Mommy Diaries, Laundry Tales, Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers and Daughters, Daily Devotions for Writers, and When God Steps In. She has also been published with MOPS International, Discipleship Journal, Focus on Your Child, and Her education includes a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Community Counseling from University of Northern Colorado.

You will find Jami nestled on the prairie of a Wyoming ranch where she is inspired to write and speak from her experiences as well as her daily life with a loving husband, Jeff and their seven children, Taylor, Carter, Jackson, Savannah, Jayden, Grayson, and Bennett.

you make
the most
of every opportunity

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