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A Winner in the End
Picking up the Pieces
I'll Leave the Light on For You
Putting the Pieces Together
Parenting With Personality
A Colorful Approach to Team Building
Understanding Yourself and the One You Married
Capture Your Class
Oh, The Places You Can Go!
Compatible Communication
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Picking up the Pieces
We’ve all been touched by some form of loss, whether emotional, physical, or related to life plans and dreams. How do we pick up the pieces and go on? The life-changing effects of shattered expectations can be paralyzing. Jami gives fresh perspective and hope for accepting, growing, and moving on.
Identify key losses in your life
Acknowledge how they have affected you
Embrace a new perspective for moving on and growing through
the challenge
A Winner in the End
Have the challenges you've faced in life left you feeling like a loser? Do you feel overshadowed by your past or do you see it as an important part of who you've become? Whether you've contended with great opposition or just struggled to feel worthy, Jami strives to help you find perspective, perseverance, and focus.
Put your past in perspective
Approach your present with perseverance
Set your future in focus
Depression is a dark night that seems endless. Family and friends frequently do not understand the struggle or know what to do or say. Hope can feel a long ways away. Do you or someone you know struggle with depression? Let Jami propose some compassionate, practical suggestions that will guide you to the light of day.
Identify symptoms of depression
Learn some practical ways to navigate through depression
Evaluate how you might support someone else through the struggle
I’ll Leave the Light on for You
Parenting is an important job . . . one we should approach with purpose and a plan. How do we help shape our child's heart? How do we teach foundational truths that will guide them throughout life? Jami offers three keys to teaching children values and offers some practical tools that will help these principles take shape in your child's heart and home. Partnered with “Parenting With Personality,” this presentation provides a focused and motivating approach to parenting.

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Topics Message
Parenting with Purpose
professional training, and work as a counselor when she addresses audiences about life challenges. Whether dealing with issues of victimization or trying to improve relationships, she offers hope, help, and encouragement. Her popular presentations are listed here, but she has also spoken on other topics, including grief, divorce, depression, miscarriage, sexual assault, domestic violence and losses of many kinds.

Jami combines her life experiences,

A Colorful Approach to Team Building
Once you understand the basics about personalities, it can be helpful to apply them to teams. Whether your team functions in a business setting, student organization, community club, or church ministry, there is a group of differing people working together to accomplish a task or purpose.
Learn to delegate tasks and motivate people according to their personalities
Identify your team’s strengths and understand their struggles
Modify your team approach to be more effective, productive, and unified
Have you noticed that everyone around you is different? And have you noticed that your attempts at changing others have been unsuccessful? Discover the four personalities and how you can understand yourself and others better.
Understand the basic strengths and struggles of each personality
Identify emotional needs that emerge in every personality
Relate and communicate in a more meaningful way with those around you
Putting the Pieces TogetherPersonality Basics
Parenting with Personality
Have you noticed that what works with one child doesn’t necessarily work with another child? Discover how the personalities are expressed in children. Putting the information about the personalities to use in your home will help you not only parent your child with purpose but to enjoy a whole new level of relating.
Learn how you can meet your child’s unique emotional needs
Maximize your child’s strengths and understand their struggles
Recognize how your personality interacts with your child’s personality

Do you struggle to understand and be understood? Do you wish that you could relate with others in a more meaningful way? When you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses, you can communicate more effectively

Learn ways to utilize your strengths and minimize your personality struggles

Tailor your approach according to the needs of your listener

Practice necessary adjustments to help your communication be effective

Compatible Communication

You fell in love with them and thought they complimented you. Now are you wondering why you can’t see eye to eye? Discover how the combination of your personalities plays out in your marriage

Understand the strengths, struggles, and needs of you and your spouse

Learn keys to communicating and motivating each other

Achieve a deeper level of love and acceptance as you appreciate differences

Understanding Yourself and the One You Married

Have you noticed that one style does not fit all, when it comes to educating? Have you observed that one student learns in a very different atmosphere and manner than the next? Relate to your students at a deeper level when you can see why they do what they do. Capture your class in a whole new way!

Learn how to understand your students’ natural strengths and struggles

Discover how to effectively communicate and motivate them

Structure lesson plans that can be effective according to personality strengths

Capture Your Class

With over 35,000 occupations to choose from, how will you make your career decisions? Learn how to put the pieces together as you hear about your personality style. Come discover the opportunities that await you.

Learn how your personality functions best in the workplace

Figure out how your strengths and struggles can help you choose a career

Find what career options may be best suited for your personality style

Oh, The Places You Can Go!

Each of the presentations that follow can be better applied when the basics have been explained first. The first module, Putting the Pieces Together—Personality Basics, can be added to any of the modules or combination of modules that follow.

Presentations average 45-60 minutes each